3 Keys to Excellent Customer Service

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3 Keys to Excellent Customer Service

December 6, 2018 Thursday         Uncategorized     0 Comments

24 hour answering serviceCustomer service is a crucial cornerstone to a wide variety of businesses. Often, it’s more than just good business practice for keeping customers around; it can actually bring in more revenue for your company. Two-thirds of consumers would be willing to spend more with a particular company, as much as 13% more on average, following an excellent customer service experience. If you want to capitalize on this behavior, then you’ll need to improve your company’s customer service. Use these tips to improve your existing customer service and earn more money for your company.

  • Stay away from scripts: For any sort of phone service, try to have your customer service specialists stay away from using too much pre-scripted material. While it might be convenient to work from a script in some cases, customers can typically tell the difference. They will respond poorly to being addressed in a way that isn’t personalized and customized to them and their needs.
  • Be available: Customers nowadays are accustomed to the convenience and immediacy cell phones create. When your customers have a problem, they’ll be able to call you right away; make sure you’ve got 24 hour answering services set up. This will help you address customer issues quickly, while also impressing customers with your timely addressing of their problems with an after hours phone service.
  • Avoid holding calls: Nobody likes to sit around waiting on the phone, only to realize you’ve called the wrong person and need to go through the whole process again. Try to keep people from sitting around waiting on the phone as much as possible; have people available to answer phones and address any problems as they arise. Customers will definitely remember when you give them quick and personalized attention to help address their issues.

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