Professional Operators

Professional Operators

During the job interview, key questions are asked of applicants, basically, looking for answers that indicate the person’s ability to follow directions. Every client has a specific need for pre-determined message information. Consequently, request for information is different on every account and directions on every account must be followed. Once hired, the applicant works several days one-on-one with the training director. If by the second day, the trainee meets the outline or learning path, it usually means that person will succeed in the job. Generally a new employee starts taking non-emergency messages with three to five days after starting. Another week is necessary to get the employee ready for the complicated large industry and medical emergency calls.

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    Client testimonials

    David Nelson - DURASHINE

    A residential carpet cleaning and pressure washing company, notes that ABA operators are polite and “Thank you for all your efforts”.

    Debra Stallings - R. F. WARDER, INC

    HVAC and plumbing specialists are “very satisfied with the service”.

    Michael J. Mayfield - Signature Healthcare

    We have worked with a few answering services since we started our business in 1998 and A Better Answer is BY FAR, the best experience we’ve ever had with an answering service.