Why Choose ABA?

Why Choose ABA?

Benefits of doing business with A Better Answer, Inc (t/a ABA)

A BETTER ANSWER will provide comprehensive state-of-the-art tele-messaging service for your business, professional association, or medical office. The benefits of allowing ABA to work for you are numerous.

  1. MESSAGES are accurately taken, verified, and dispatched according to your protocol.
  2. FAX and E-MAIL  service provided to all clients. A complete recap of activity faxed or emailed daily.
  3. VOICE MAIL  is part of our offering.It can be designed as an announcement or operator assisted, depending upon the type of service desired. The voice programs are flexible, come as part of the answering service program or can be created especially to meet your voice mail needs.
  4. CHECK-IN LINES  are provided to determine if any calls are waiting. An 800 number is linked to this program for message check-in while out of town. The program is included in the cost proposal.
  5. SPEED DIAL/SPEED PAGE are built-in features of the STARTEL equipment, allowing speedy, accurate dispatch of frequently called numbers. There is no limit to the numbers to be programmed into this function.
  6. The DIRECTORY PROGRAM  allows an operator to quickly find an account in the event a call comes into the system on a wrong number.
  7. ERRORS & OMISSION INSURANCE  is obtained through Lloyds of London. ABA’s policy is renewed annually in June.
  8. A FERRUPS (UPS)  backup power system and 15 KVA propane gas powered generator guarantee “business as usual” during power failures. While other offices have no power, ABA’s facility has light and power for the computer systems. “The lights never go out at A Better Answer”. ABA’s entire facility has light and power for the computer systems.
  9. MASTER FILE updates are requested at least three (3) times a year. The updates requested are issued at no charge to the client. Changes initiated by customers at other times of the year are made for a nominal fee.
  10. The STARTEL  system works on an automatic call distributor program. Calls rotate to operators eliminating the possibility of one staffer being backlogged with several calls while others are idle. If an operator ignores an incoming call, an audible tone alerts supervisory staff.
  11. PHONE PATCHING is standard equipment on the STARTEL program. Dire emergency incoming calls are connected directly, saving precious seconds in critical situations.
  12. MUSIC ON HOLD is utilized to assure callers they are connected and will be served promptly.
  13. REDUNDANT HARD DRIVES allow continual recording of messages, accounting, and statistics.
  14. BILLING is generally received by a client on or about the 1st of each month. An account billed in advance for the base rate and over/outgoing calls are processed from activity occurring during previous month. ABA’s billing is monthly (12 annual invoices), whereas other answering services offer 28-day billing (13 invoices).
  15. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS ABA subscribes to the STARTEL maintenance program which includes advance replacement of parts.
  16. DRUG TESTING is performed to assure that ABA is a drug-free workplace.
  17. QUALITY is monitored via the voice logger program for message accuracy and call processing.
  18. CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS are signed by all employees. Information taken by ABA team members is not discussed outside premises.
  19. SUPERVISORS AND TEAM MEMBERS participate in educational programs offered through the Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association.
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    Client testimonials

    David Nelson - DURASHINE

    A residential carpet cleaning and pressure washing company, notes that ABA operators are polite and “Thank you for all your efforts”.

    Debra Stallings - R. F. WARDER, INC

    HVAC and plumbing specialists are “very satisfied with the service”.

    Michael J. Mayfield - Signature Healthcare

    We have worked with a few answering services since we started our business in 1998 and A Better Answer is BY FAR, the best experience we’ve ever had with an answering service.