5 Industries That Can Truly Benefit From Phone Answering Services

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5 Industries That Can Truly Benefit From Phone Answering Services

August 9, 2018 Thursday         Uncategorized     0 Comments

phone serviceBefore we dive in, let’s talk about what exactly these phone services are. A professional phone answering service is one that offers telephone answering and voice mail services. These services are available to a variety of industries, and customization is available. Customer service that takes place over the phone has the highest satisfaction compared to other online customer service channels at 69%. This means that you really should have a way for customers to reach you over the phone, and a call answering service can help you with that.

Law offices get so many calls each day. You could be with a client and not be able to answer the phone. Maybe it’s outside of your business hours or it’s a holiday. Especially for law offices that receive a high volume of calls, a telephone answering service could be the solution.

Medical Industry

The medical industry is known for its high demand for phone time. People are calling hospitals and other medical offices all the time to make appointments, ask questions, for follow up on visits. There is also the case of emergency situations. They can happen at any time, not just during business hours. A 24 hour live answering phone service would be perfect to address this issue.

Real Estate Industry

If you’ve tried to buy a house lately, you know how important it is to act quickly. The housing market is very hot, so letting phone calls pile up can have a serious impact on clients. A client may need to set up a walk-through, or they may need additional information on a house before making a decision. Either way, real estate agents really need to be on top of their phone answering. A phone service can relieve that stress.

IT Industry

IT companies phones’ are ringing off the hook all the time. Technology users constantly have questions or are faced with problems that they cannot solve on their own. If calls are not functioning correctly, requests may be missed, resulting in failed customer service. Responding in a timely manner, call tracking, and even following up with customers are all possible with phone services.

Alarm Companies

Alarm companies need to be really good at answering the phone. Emergencies like break-ins, whether they are true emergencies or mistakes, need to be addressed immediately. People pay for immediate response when they purchase an alarm system. Therefore, let a 24 hour live answering service respond to those calls.

No matter what the circumstance, the phone needs to be answered. Consequences can happen if calls are missed, and they can sometimes be devastating. Therefore, let a phone service take care of all the phone logistics for your business so you increase your customer service and efficiency at the same time.

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