Six Reasons that Businesses Need Phone Answering Services

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Six Reasons that Businesses Need Phone Answering Services

August 1, 2019 Thursday         Uncategorized     0 Comments

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Any business professional will tell you that customer satisfaction is a primary factor in the success of their business. Having good customer relations and good accessibility to customers is key. Phone answering services provide a great means to this end. Here are six reasons why businesses should invest in an answering service.

  1. Placing Orders: Whether large or small, a business that deals with taking orders over the phone needs need to invest in a good phone answering service. There are many benefits to having a specialty answering service for a business that excepts orders over the phone. These include efficiency, accountability, and creating a relationship with a customer. Phone answering services that can operate and take orders at all hours will have a direct impact on the profit margins of the company.
  2. Personal Service: When customers call a business to place an order phone answering services provide a point of contact that carries a personal touch. This personal touch is invaluable to a business. It’s very important that customers know that they are connected to someone who cares about their satisfaction.
  3. Capturing New Leads: New leads are a great opportunity for any business. And missing out on new leads is unfortunate in any type of business. Phone answering services provide the ideal solution for capturing new leads. Having after hour telephone accessibility will prevent a business from missing out on any potential new leads.
  4. Handling Urgent Problems: Phone answering services are essential in a field that is dealing with health and wellness. Medical answering services are imperative for doctors who may be dealing with emergency situations on a round-the-clock basis, such as obstetricians and surgeons.
  5. Scheduling Appointments: It’s very important for a business to be able to schedule appointments quickly and efficiently for their customers. Phone answering services that provide direct access to scheduling appointments will prevent any missed opportunities for a business. Customers do not like to be put on hold, and they do not like to call back. It’s very important to be able to schedule appointments for services such as beauty salons, and air conditioning companies, just to name a couple.
  6. High Volume: There’s nothing worse for a business then for a customer to try and contact the business and to get a busy signal. In fact, people do not have time or interest in spending time waiting on the phone. In fact, the number of customers who would prefer to be called back Instead of being put on hold totals 75%. And answering service would not miss any of these calls. And an after hours call answering service would also be able to capture calls who perhaps will come from a different time zone. It is logical that phone answering services for businesses that deal with high volume production are effective.

Phone answering services are a constructive and profitable way for medical, commercial, and industrial businesses to stay in touch with their clients. Since life is unpredictable, many problems occur late at night or on weekends. A 24 hour answering service can help with a medical emergency, a residential problem such as plumbing or HVAC issues, or an unexpected legal matter.


The simple motto is, it always pays to be in touch with your clients, and to have your clients be able to get in touch with you. A live answering service and other types of phone answering services provide the perfect way to do just that.