Want to Help Your Patients? Pick up Your Phone Every Time

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Want to Help Your Patients? Pick up Your Phone Every Time

September 6, 2019 Friday         Uncategorized     0 Comments

physician answering serviceIn most business, you could argue that customers only remember how you made them feel. Health care is no different. Helping patients through illness is very personal. Knowing that businesses miss out on $62 billion worth of revenue due to negative customer experience, you must position your practice to win. A physician answering service gives you the capacity to respond promptly and improve patient satisfaction. Here are some more benefits of such a service for your customer experience.

Reduce Friction Due to Phone Automation

In the interest of cutting costs physicians inevitably set up an automated phone service system to handle customer calls. When a patient calls your practice they are struggling with health problems. In the face of the situation they are in, the last thing they need is to experience one more degree of separation from their source of help. Using a physician answering service provides the personal touch a patient requires to help them begin resolving their problem. The empathetic ear your representative will offer via a 24 hour answering service can go a long way in making a patient feel cared for by your practice thus improving your brand perception.

Improve Your Reputation

The nature of health emergencies is such that patients will remain fiercely loyal to the physician they perceive to be the most reliable. Health emergencies are unpredictable thus when a patient calls your practice, they expect to reach you no matter the time. An around the clock physician answering service will meet this critical customer need at the right time by enabling you to engage patients and set appointments at any time. Such flexibility allows you to present a customer experience that goes beyond regular office hours and transcends traditional boundaries. Ultimately, this will add value to your customer experience and go towards solidifying your reputation as a reliable physician.

Decrease Hold Times

Not many things can be as aggravating as calling an organization when you need some assistance only to be put on hold. Even the most supportive of customers will not appreciate this fact. If you want to deliver an exceptional customer experience, reducing hold times should be a critical part of your strategy. A physician answering service gives you the ability to not frustrate your patients in this way as each call is routed to call center representative. Whenever a patient calls your practice and you are unable to pick up, they are discreetly routed to answering services which will resolve their immediate need within a reasonable time window. As a result, your patients will feel valued since they do not have to be out on pause.

Treat Your Patients Exceptionally

Patients who feel treated promptly and with empathy are patients who stay with your practice. To deliver prompt responses to your patients, you need an after hours telephone answering service that can help you effectively set appointments, cancel them and process other inquiries for the patient’s benefit as well as yours.