Here’s Why It’s So Important to Invest in a Physician Answering Service for Your Office

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Here’s Why It’s So Important to Invest in a Physician Answering Service for Your Office

April 10, 2017 Monday         Uncategorized     0 Comments

Medical centers can be one of the most difficult places to work in, and there’s often never time for a break during the day. When you finally do get to go home and relax, your patients will still need constant support, and they need to have a way to seek advice at all times.

Physician answering services will provide you with 24 hour support to answer all of your patients’ important questions. Most offices don’t have the in-house resources to offer phone support throughout the night, and you will save tons of money and stress by outsourcing your calls to a physician answering service. Here are three of the many reasons that you need to be investing in a physician answering service for your office:

  • Medical emergencies don’t have a schedule

    Illness and injury can strike at any time, and your patients depend on your office to advise them on what to do when catastrophes happen. Your 24 hour live answering service will be manned by compassionate, educated customer support representatives who can instruct your patients on the steps they should take while they wait for you to return to the office.

  • Quick resolutions to complex problems

    The #1 thing people want when they call a contact center is for their problem to be resolved quickly, and that’s exactly what your patients will get with an after hours phone service. Medical calls are often extremely detailed, and you need someone with real answers for real problems on the other end of the line. About 66% of consumers would be willing to spend more with a particular company following an excellent customer service experience, and your answering service will aid in retaining valuable patients.

  • Patients want to talk to a real person

    About 80% of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail, and that percentage is even higher when it comes to dire medical inquiries. A voicemail can’t do anything to help someone with an urgent problem, and waiting for a robotic voice to finish a scripted paragraph is quite unsettling. Provide your patients with real, sincere support that will help them get through whatever problem they may be having.

Your patients trust you with their livelihood, and you owe it to them to provide a source of information and support in trying times. Invest in a physician answering service and let your patients know just how valuable they are to you and your business.